research services Cosmic Capital's Corporate Advisory - Research Services
cosmicCAP's Research Services has a comprehensive yet flexible research frameworks which collect, measure & understand the various business trends according to clients' requirements. We are passionate about what we do. We excel at finding new way to solve complex technological puzzles. We do this by challenging conventional wisdom and thinking out of the box.

We contribute to CCG's products and services by looking beyond the horizontal and exploring new ways. Our endeavors lead to satisfied customers. We view our customers as fellow travelers; we take them with us on our journey. We embark upon a real-life exploration together, with all ups and downs associated with research in live environments. Trends are our signposts. Sometimes we create the signposts ourselves. Furthermore, we know ideas need nurturing and support. We know that having an idea is good, but acting on an idea is better. We believe that results are what counts in the end.

Certaintly, CCG Research monitors many social, business and technology trends - some in more depth than the others, depending on the degree of the potential influence on CCG and its customers. When analyzing trends, CCG Research uses a bottom-up approach. To avoid a "tunel vision", the researchers frequently discuss emerging trends with external partners from the academia and industry, as well as with CCG's leading customers. They solicit their inputs to find the hottest topics and the most qualified partners to work with.

A dedicated research portfolio office collects and evaluates all findings and compares them with external sources such as research analysts. Based on these evaluations, CCG's Research decides which trend to address with a specific research field. Research fields are prioritized according to the market climate and the likelyhood of their turning into a product or service, at some point in the future. They are implemented via research projects and based on a solid foundation as depicted in our Research Fields of Solution Map.

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