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The world economy poses serveral challenges and risks to companies considering foreign direct investment (FDI). These include volatile currency and financial markets, a weak economy outlook, the threat of inflation, lingering of global concerns over global terrorism, tighter credit markets, and, in some countries, rising foreign protectionism.

Despite these risks, however, the growth in FDI is expected to continue, although, perhaps, at a slower pace in line with global economic growth. In fact, these challenges may be encouraging companies to pursue international operations, specifically to mitigate these risks by diversifying their sources of revenue, capital investment and talent and by seeking to reduce costs.

As private companies expand internationally, or enter the global market for the first time, most will face a relatively steep learning curve. For a start, many private companies tend to maintain tight control over their operations and often rely on the personal involvement of a small number of senior executives in most important decisions. Expending internationally will require these companies to develop additional capabilities, and the mindset, to manage effectively their dispersed operations located far from headquarters.

Equaly important, global succsess requires a disciplined process that ensures companies do not focus only on a single goal, such as increased sales, cost reduction or additional FDI avenues, but instead take a comprehensive of all opportunities - and risks - of each international investment.

To meet these challenges and opportunities and deliver the value the companies and their stakeholders increasingly demand, cosmicCAP Enterprise Intelligence is a must-have tool for them to be success in their globalization's quest. Fundamentally, it provides Business Intelligence, Finance Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Product & Service Intelligence, Process Intelligence and Exit Intelligence.

cosmicCAP Enterprise Intelligence™ is one of key components in our cosmicCAP Enterprise Lifecycle™. Talk to our cross-border counselors to learn more about cosmicCAP Business One™ and cosmicCAP Business ByDesign™.

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