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Apps Cores Core Briefs
mCommerce mBanking The only mobile banking product that offers a single connection to a complete, muti-channel banking solution with SMS, intelligent SMS, mbrowser, and downloadable mobile client.
mPayment mConsumers can make domestic P2P payment to known and unknown end customers. It uses the same payment gateway, acceptance points, contactless devices, web-enable PC, kios, mportal and internet shops.
mRemittance mConsumers can send mMoney across border to an intended beneficiary. Senders can buy a remittance voucher online, agent, or any retail location, and initiate the mMoney transfer from a agent location, from a wallet or a bank/card account. Remittance pick-up can be agent location, credited to a wallet or to bank/card account.
eCommerce Storefront Beautiful, intuitive, and unique storefront solutions. Unlike others, we don't offer one size fit all storefront. Plus, our storefront works across all devices - desktop, laptop, and mobile devices ready.
Shopping Cart Accept payments with industry leaders in a secure platform, proven payment workflows, and earning customer trust.
Best-of-breed solutions like advanced merchandise planning, business intelligence, supply chain execution, and product life-cycle management.
Marketing & SEO React quickly to market opportunities with marketing resource management (MSM). MSM helps orchestrate content, email, social media, SEO, and online advertise marketing to connect with the right customer at the right time.
SaaS 360°
Public Cloud Offer pay-as-you-go cloud computing to cut costs and help your company focus on what matters - growing your business - not infrastructure provisioning and management.
Private Cloud Highly secure private cloud solutions by delivering virtualized computing resources physically dedicated to your organization with industry-leading capabilities.
Hybrid Cloud Combine public and private clouds to build best-fit hybrid cloud solutions that are flexible and satisfy your company unique requirements.
Intelligent Dev-app Broker The traditional plan, build, and run model – as well as software development life cycle-driven application development methods – are too cumbersome. They prevent IT from being able to absorb and deploy all of the new technology. A better approach is a “broker/integrate/orchestrate” model. This is designed to make IT more agile by transitioning from being a vertically integrated manufacturer of custom IT solutions, to a broker of a solutions ecosystem.
Integrate Integrating requires progressive IT organizations to adopt cellular manufacturing methodologies in working tandem to wool Cloud, SaaS, IaaS into the fabric of a company's business systems portfolio.
Orchestrate Orchestrating requires operations teams to do a better job of detecting impending service failures instead of conducting probable cause analyses after the fact, since their roles of fixing problems decline.
Mission Support We provide program management and technical support to enhance the operational performance of agency and departmental programs.
Agile / DevOps Our skilled teams help client create and deploy an Agile Blueprint that is right for their business, computing, technology, teams and on-time within budgets.
Enterprise IT We offer end-to-end Mobile-First IT product services - from architecture, design & development, to implementation, hosting, and support.
Solutions Our in-depth domain expertise of mobile app teams design and build best-in-breed products with global reach.
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