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Apps Cores Core Briefs
Future Of Applications Liquid Applications Competing with agility and speed, companies can no longer afford massive, multi-year system implementations. Liquid applications are assembled leveraging modular architectures, next-generation integration techniques and a cloud-first, mobile-first mindset. Adopt new development approaches that incorporate smaller, reusable components to continuously deliver software.
Intelligent Applications To manage growing volume, velocity and complexity, and to maximize the business value of internal and external data, companies need to harness software intelligence. Intelligent applications offer three critical capabilities—intelligent automation, integrated analytics and self-governance. Embed intelligence everywhere to automate routine tasks, improve business processes through integrated analytics and teach applications to act.
Connected Applications Grow revenue and defend their market position, companies must open new dimensions of application connectivity—creating new competitive frontiers with software. Connected applications provide companies with the technical means to interface with business partner and customer ecosystems, and with the Internet of Things. Rewire for the borderless business by introducing new ecosystem strategies, designing applications for resiliency, and integrating information and operational technologies.
Code Creators Architect Plans and manages complex business transformation initiatives. Architect helps build a blueprint of your current enterprise architecture and visualize the impact of change before it happens. Automatically capture architecture layers and requirements, tap into a powerful metadata repository, and share discoveries with your team.
Scrum Master Scrum Master monitors numerous aspects of Agile development projects—consisting of requirements, releases, metrics and resources—alerting the project manager of any potential issues and providing possible solutions.
Testing Advisor Provides advice to human testers on a wide-range of judgement-based tasks, such as test planning, test coverage, prioritization, and even staffing. It provides test artefacts and solutions based on past fixes, helping testers spend less time preparing and fixing and more time fine-tuning applications to improve business performance.
Data Scientist Data scientists combine the analytical capabilities of a scientist or an engineer with the business acumen of the enterprise executive. Once the business challenge has been identified, data scientists develop models and run simulations to find the right solution and identify the right tools and platforms needed to solve the issue.
Project Manager The virtual project manager helps the human delivery manager assess any risks or issues and recommends suitable solutions to ensure seamless delivery.
Modernization Analyst This agent specializes in helping companies make their applications ready for the digital future with the most appropriate modernization strategy, whether it’s through rehosting, renewal, digital interfacing or cloud migration.
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