MobileFirst - Mobilty Strategies And Solutions That Drive Enterprise and Customer Value
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Strategy Application & Business Empower and engage your employees, customers, and stakeholders in new and innovative ways with enterprise mobility solutions. With Mobile First - Cloud First deliver extraordinary impact at the point of interaction, accelerate and transform enterprise mobility, and optimize the user experience.
Enterprise Mobility Enterprise mobility is probably the most disruptive computing trend that organizations have encoun-tered in recent times. Despite the many challenges in developing a mobile strategy, the resulting pro-ductivity improvements and transformative oppor-tunities are fueling a revolution in enterprise mobility.
IoT It’s about starting small and proving a business case with existing data, seeing how the IoT could be used to tighten up processes or smooth out operations. Then scaling up to start collecting and analyzing additional data to identify new revenue opportunities or service lines.
API Enables enterprises and developers to succeed in a dynamic, connected mobile-first, cloud-first world. API helps businesses quickly build high-performing, end-to-end solutions with apps, data and APIs. The application programming interface (API) software makes it easy to create API proxies that connect to your enterprise data and back-end services, while protecting against threats.
App Development Quickly and cost-effectively create user-centric mobile apps with the industry’s leading mobile application development platform – Fluid Mobile Platform. Simplify cross-platform mobile app development and rapidly deliver secure, highly scalable consumer and business apps to any iOS, Android, or Windows device.
Testing Application Application Testing is critical to the integrity of the software you use to support and automate your business processes. To meet expectations for high performance, the key is identifying issues with quality, performance, and availability before going live with new applications on platforms. This approach minimizes the impact of new deployments on operations.
Device Know how devices will work before you implement it – with our proof of concept services. We’ll provide you with a cloud prototype of your application and connect it to real machines, devices, and sensor data so you can see it in action.
Device & Software Engineering Be first to market with new or enhanced products – without sacrificing quality – using Fluid Mobile Platform to support your Research and Development and Product Lifecycle Management initiatives. Connect your product strategy with your company strategy, build compliance and device specifications into your products, enhance project and portfolio management – and ultimately increase your revenues.
Innovation The global network facilitates project-based co-innovation with its members, enhancing the capabilities of partner and customer ecosystem through a worldwide network of expertise and best-in-class technologies and platforms.
IoT Services Connected Health Improve health outcomes by accelerating the adoption of personal connected health and establishing the leadership focus on the future of technology-enabled health and wellness. Emphasize real-world examples of how connected health is having an impact on improved patient engagement, care outcomes and highlighting successful business models.
Connected Transportation Focus on how the Internet of Things is changing today's transportation model and allowing companies and consumers to save money and time while increasing efficiencies and making lives easier.
Connected Spaces IoT is a fundamental part of this process, but it’s just the medium to connect and exchange information. The true disruption is when spaces become connected and adaptive, and allow us to interact with them through many different ways.
Connected Operations With the advantages of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), you can now solve your operational challenges by integrating your assets, operations and business systems to create Smart Connected Operations. Enter the IoT platform.
Connected Commerce The evolution of goods and services that is conducted via electronic means driven global marketplace is good economics because it means more growth & wealth creation; it is good global politics because it responds to questions about the current state of globalization; and, it is good for society because it is a more inclusive global economic model. This is part of the vision that we call Connected Commerce.
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