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OpenBOSS solutions
Introducing OpenBOSS
Outsmart and outexecute your competition with a solution that's easy to use and provides fast ROI.

Enterprise Application Solutions

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OpenSERVICE solutions
Introducing OpenSERVICE
The perfect complement to OpenBOSS is a suite of service applications help maximize productivity and performance.

Application Services Architecture

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OpenIT solutions
Introducing OpenIT
Offering Core Infrastructure Optimization addresses capabilities across many critical aspects of IT.

Information Technology Management

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OpenSAFE solutions
Introducing OpenSAFE
Why compromise? Reduce the cost and complexity of IT security while enabling your business with OpenSAFE.

Enterprise Security Solutions

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OpenCLOSED solutions
Introducing OpenCLOSED
Breakthrough Approach
In today's hybrid enterprise computing environment, sometimes, neither of Open Source nor Closed Source (proprietary), alone, would provide best solutions to your business needs. OpenCLOSED, rooted in in-depth expertise and field-proven processes, spans across the two platforms that enables you fully realize your potential and accomplish your strategic objectives.

What a difference seeing the complete picture makes - OpenCLOSED 360° approach.

360° Breakthrough Approach

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Cosmiccap understands every business is a network of interrelated people and processes. Cosmiccap delivers a comprehensive range of end-to-end solutions, through an open platform, to transform your network into a competitive weapon.
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