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The pace of technology change is breathtaking. But, responding to the technology is the easy part. Leaders in this new era will differentiate themselves by focusing on technology for people - blending technology savvy with data-driven human insight, and resonating people - customers and employees - to achieve more.

The digital revolution today is an age of human empowerment: rapid advances have created a people centric technology environment where the power lies with people to shape technology as they see fit. Traditionally, CosmicCAP has taken a comprehensive look across the enterprise landscape to identify emerging technology trends that hold the greatest potential to disrupt businesses, industries and people.

Other candidates for CosmicCAP’s “it” factor include:

  • Ecosystem Powerplays, beyond Platforms - completely breaking the rules on how to operate and compete - companies now need more than just a platform strategy, they need a robust ecosystem approach.
  • AI Is the New UI, experience above all - simple and smart interactions, value at each connection made - resulting in AI coming of age to become the new user interface of every digital business brand.
  • Design For Human, inspire new behaviors technology - design decisions are being made by humans, for humans - technology is adapting to how we behave to learn how to enhance our lives.
  • The Uncharted, invent new industries, set new standards - to succeed in today’s ecosystem-driven digital economy, businesses must seize opportunities to establish rules and standards for entirely new industries.

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